About Kate

While training as a doctor I was taught that observation was the most important diagnostic tool before I was even allowed to touch my patients. This training has served me well in photography where acute observation is the key to everything.

Having spent many years photographing people I have decided to specialise more narrowly, and am focusing (literally) on horses, landscape, coastal scenes often with Intentional Camera Movement, which produces interesting and unpredictable results in abstract images.

As people often say they have run out of wall space I have now produced some of the images as luxury silk scarves which seem to be attracting much interest.

There is a degree of magic in the creation of these images and if you also feel the magic please get in touch to ask any questions or to buy any item.

What’s Kate been up to?

Catching the last boat

I have lots to say about boats, as you'll see. This is the last of the series of new watery images which will be shown on my stand at the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair on November 10th and 11th. This is a close up of the bow of a decaying boat in a boat yard on the...

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Jolly Boating weather!

By now you'll be used to my passion for black and white photography, but sometimes the colour is too important to lose. This lovely little boat floating unattended in a bend of the river is a good case in point. Mind you, it also features my very favourite type of...

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More about Fishing

Following on from yesterday's post about authentic ancient ways of fishing here are two more images of the fishing huts I mentioned These are called Carrelets, named after the square shape of the net that is lowered into the sea. You can see from the one that's closer...

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