About Kate

I’m Kate Lloyd the owner of Kate Lloyd Fine Art Prints and I help women feel wonderful

I create unusual images of horses, water and natural subjects, sometimes of an abstract nature, sometimes adding movement to the moment of creation of the image.

These can be

Limited Edition prints – which give you exclusivity by registering you as the owner of the image,

Open editions or

Acrylic images – a luscious modern take on art.

For people whose walls are groaning with Old Masters and who have absolutely no space left, some of my images are presented as silk prints created as luxury silk scarves. Or maybe you just love high quality silk scarves!

I stand for Beauty, Quality and Sustainability

Growing up I preferred dressing in dungarees and didn’t care much for dresses. Now, while I’m working, I mainly wear black and need a splash of colour to enliven the look.

A lovely silk scarf is just the quickest way to go from my “usual scruff look” to somewhat more sophisticated and fit to be seen.

By the way I help men help women feel wonderful too – generally that’ll be to their benefit!

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What’s Kate been up to?

New! So excited to show you these new products!

New! So excited to show you these new products!

I haven't been very diligent at keeping my website up to date but in lockdown there's no excuse so I have had to look critically at it, and Lo and Behold, some of my loveliest pictures are not on there. I somehow imagined they got there automatically without any...

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Herds, and herd behaviour

Herds, and herd behaviour

Today I'm thinking not about Bournemouth beach but about herds of horses! There's something really magic about the sight and sound of a herd of horses galloping free and unfettered. I have a number of images of horse herds from a variety of trips over the past 5...

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The ideal place to be today

It's so hot today I'm wishing myself elsewhere. In fact Iceland is on my mind, not surprising as I have been there at exactly this time of year. The lupin fields are incredible and I can't help wondering if that's how it looks at the moment. I have also visited in...

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