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You’re in the right place for artistic gifts, luxury silk scarves, acrylic images, limited edition prints.

You can see all these on my shop, but first of all I should explain each of these terms. If you’re already familiar with this part feel free to skip it!

First – the items of wall art

Limited Edition Prints

These are are sought after – because they are limited to a predefined number, so you don’t see your treasured image everywhere, e.g. on shopping bags, T shirts etc.

Each print is signed and numbered for instance 1/15 if the edition consists of a maximum of 15 prints. My editions vary from 15 to 50 prints. Each is authenticated with a certificate which bears a hologram, the identical hologram being on the print itself, though invisible. This can be used to authenticate ownership if there is any doubt.

As the buyer your name is registered with the numbered certificate on MyArtRegistry.

This classic image from a visit to the Camargue is a Limited Edition.

Classic Camargue Herd

Acrylic Prints

Acrylics are a sophisticated modern take on presentation.

The print is sandwiched between two very thin layers of acrylic. (I don’t mean acrylic paint).

This gives a glowing effect, which can be further enhanced with a glossy finish, or just with a matt finish, still looking fabulous.

Here’s my absolute favourite acrylic – a black horse called Black Diamond. he’s a superstar show jumper who I met in Florida some years ago. He seems to evoke emotion, even in passersby. There’s something about the eye that catches me every time I see the real thing.

Artist’s Proof

Is a term which denotes the first print of an image made by the artist. A check print or a reference print, and one which many artists choose to keep in their archive, and not sell. It is usually a signed print and proof status is indicated by A/P in the corner. Some artists have up to four artists proofs of an image, but mine are a maximum of two.

It is almost more exclusive than a Limited Edition, and therefore also sought after.

Luxury Silk Scarves

This is self explanatory, but I’m keen that you should know all my scarves are Made in England from a variety of different types of silk. Some images are ideally suited to a translucent type of silk whereas others need the opacity of a heavier silk like Crepe De Chine.

I have two collections of scarves, one with equine images and one with images from the natural world, leaves, flowers, and abstract subjects. Some are square, and some rectangular. One is very large and is therefore more like a wrap than a scarf. One is quite small (20 cm square) and is therefore a neckerchief rather than a scarf.

Greetings Cards

These are also available as individual cards. Each card is 10 cm square and blank inside for your own message. They are available individually and in bundles of six or twelve (Six packs and Double Six pack). Various images are available as cards including this beautiful Lusitano stallion.

Gift Vouchers

These are especially useful if you are buying for someone else and you can choose any amount of spend from £5 upwards.


With variable weather to contend with and showers on the horizon my equine umbrella may be of interest too. And you can match with a unisex scarf.

So having looked at these categories I hope you’ll be tempted to go to my Shop. Please click here to see what else is on offer.

See you soon I hope.

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