About Kate

While training as a doctor I was taught that observation was the most important diagnostic tool before I was even allowed to touch my patients. This training has served me well in photography where acute observation is the key to everything.

Having spent many years photographing people I have decided to specialise more narrowly, and am focusing (literally) on horses, landscape, coastal scenes often with Intentional Camera Movement, which produces interesting and unpredictable results in abstract images.

As people often say they have run out of wall space I have now produced some of the images as luxury silk scarves which seem to be attracting much interest.

There is a degree of magic in the creation of these images and if you also feel the magic please get in touch to ask any questions or to buy any item.

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What’s Kate been up to?

More from Norway

I mentioned in a previous blog that I had images of reflections in the harbour in Norway. So here are a few of the images for you to see how vibrant the colours are. The huts are generally painted red, apparently because in the past the best and most readily available...

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So what else is new?

My recent visit to Norway was a bit special. The reflections in the harbour were particularly impressive and might make a new scarf, depending on the suitability of the file I have chosen. More on that later. Also it was memorable for the lighthouses. The most...

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For a photographer reflections can be a bonus or a nuisance. If you are in a room with loads of mirrors it's important not to appear in the picture yourself unless that's your aim! If you actually want the reflections they can still be tricky to manage. But outdoors...

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