About Kate

I’m Kate Lloyd the owner of Kate Lloyd Fine Art Prints and I help women feel wonderful

I create unusual images of horses, water and natural subjects, sometimes of an abstract nature, sometimes adding movement to the moment of creation of the image.

These can be

Limited Edition prints – which give you exclusivity by registering you as the owner of the image,

Open editions or

Acrylic images – a luscious modern take on art.

For people whose walls are groaning with Old Masters and who have absolutely no space left, some of my images are presented as silk prints created as luxury silk scarves. Or maybe you just love high quality silk scarves!

I stand for Beauty, Quality and Sustainability

Growing up I preferred dressing in dungarees and didn’t care much for dresses. Now, while I’m working, I mainly wear black and need a splash of colour to enliven the look.

A lovely silk scarf is just the quickest way to go from my “usual scruff look” to somewhat more sophisticated and fit to be seen.

By the way I help men help women feel wonderful too – generally that’ll be to their benefit!

Visit the Shop to buy your own Limited Edition Print or Gift…

What’s Kate been up to?

The future may not be orange after all.

Younger readers will not understand this title, but in the early days of mobile phone marketing the Orange network - one of the first companies in that era - used this catch phrase. "The future's bright - the future's Orange". It seems to have stuck with me! - a sign...

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Is it like Marmite?

So love it or hate it Marmite is a thing about which we tend to be definite in our views. If you've not been brought up in the UK and had Marmite on toast from a young age, you may be disgusted by the look and smell of it! We have had many American students visiting...

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Welcome to my Brand New Gallery

Welcome to my Brand New Gallery

Welcome this is not a traditional Gallery opening, but you are extremely welcome regardless. Like many people in lockdown we looked around the house and decided there are improvements to be made. Some we had planned before but never actually decided they were...

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