The start of a new year used to mean optimism and hope. A feeling of refreshment in a sense of readiness to take on the tasks ahead and an upbeat moment.

Well nowadays who knows what’s ahead?!

We are waiting for the news that we’re all back in full lockdown like March 2020, and I suppose that’s got to happen to manage the new variant of Covid.

So to take my mind off all this, I looked at some images I had taken lately.

I’m lucky enough to live quite near to RHS Wisley Gardens, and they have been a great stimulus in these odd times.

Here are a few Multiple Exposure Abstract images I have developed from pictures taken there in recent weeks.

I can’t say anything specific about them and you just have to look and see what you think, and feel, in response. They’re not in any way representational.

I hope you enjoy them. The top two are soft and misty – the lower two more vibrant.

Please let me know which style you like best.

It’s all very different from anything I have done before and gets completely away from the idea of the pin-sharp, one-take image I am used to trying to achieve.

It’s proving to be rather fun, and especially in these times when I can’t travel to a place where I might see boats, seascapes, or wild horses, which might otherwise be my subject matter.

I shall keep working on this, so keep an eye open for more Multiple Exposure and Intentional Camera Movement images.

By the way, this one IS a horse!

Abstract horse
Abstract horse

A slow shutter and moving gently in the opposite direction to where the horse was going, generated this rather lovely soft outline.

One visitor to my stand at the Royal Windsor Horse Show a couple of years ago said “I don’t like horses and wouldn’t give houseroom to any pictures of them, but this doesn’t look like a horse, so I would definitely like it”

There’s no accounting for different tastes.

Good luck to us all in the next phase of lockdown. Let’s hope the vaccines will get us back to something slightly closer to normal.

Stay safe, Kate.