I started telling you about my Mother’s family and shared the photo of her with her sisters when young.

So there’s a bit more to tell.

We knew that my mother had a twin, who was non-identical and much taller than her. Other than that, we knew very little – not even her name. Sadly I don’t have an image of her as a grownup.

Whilst doing my genealogy research, I requested my ‘twin-aunt’s’ birth certificate, and discovered that she was Janet Kathleen.

And why is that of any relevance? Well, when I was 16, I got fed up with people not knowing how to say or spell my first name, and my mother encouraged me use my second name, Kathleen, of which Kate is an abbreviation.

It was definitely ‘a moment’ for me, as I had never heard my mother call her anything but ‘my twin’, and had no idea that I’d been named after her!

Further researches through the ancestry website revealed Marion, 2 years older than the twins, and Lily, two years younger. Here’s Marion all grown up – so beautiful!

Marion Beasley

Here’s Aunt Lily aged about 89. I discovered, having known nothing of her existence, that she lived quite near me. In fact, she was only about 4 stops up the train line! I met her, with her granddaughter Claudia, whom I’d connected with via Ancestry.com.

Aunt Lily was less mentally sharp than she had been, but when my Mother’s name was mentioned, she said (in a slightly disgusted tone), “Oh Margaret! She always thought herself so much better than the rest of us”!

Lily Beasley

Here’s an image of my Mother, I think on holiday in Ireland. The date must have been around 1957, at the earliest, when she would have been 39 or thereabouts. Her complexion was always as clear and beautiful as this. Her family knew her as Margaret, but at some time, after 1939, and certainly by the time she had married my Father in 1946, she was always known as Margo. I recall she said that her Father named her after the famous wine, Chateau Margaux. – (her birth certificate shows her name as Margaret Ada.)

And here’s a photo of her again, taken on her 88th birthday. Still beautiful and doesn’t really look her age – at least I think not!

I think you can see some evidence of family similarity but the strangest thing was that many of Lily’s mannerisms were the same as my mother’s. She was also about the same small slim build, so from the back you could almost mistake Lily for Margaret.

So what do you think was going on?!

More in a future post … cliffhanger again

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