My love of travel has been a real test in the conditions of lockdown. I have a number of things planned in the remainder of the year, so am hoping that some of the uncertainties will be resolved as we move through the planned timetable for opening up.

Clearly we have to wonder what limitations there will be – as well as restrictions by other countries if we’re planning international travel.

Personally, I have a date with this chap in June, and I only hope we will be able to meet up! Isn’t he gorgeous! I wish my hair looked as beautifully groomed as his mane.

Then there’s walking in the Pyrenees and travelling up the Douro, as well as trying to fit in some Art Fairs if they can happen this year.

So where would you go, and what would you do there? Do share your thoughts on preferred journeys and activities.

Toodle Pip!